Department of Basic Art Sciences -founded in 2010- has been providing courses to all departments of the Faculty of Fine Arts, inboth compulsory and elective categories. Our department does not admit students itself; however, the courses provided are open to all departments. It has been structured as two majors which are The Department of Art Sciences and Basic Art Education - Art Major.  In the department of Art Sciences, theoretical courses such as art concepts, art history, aesthetics, art philosophy, art psychology, art sociology, art analysis, mythology and iconography, which are the basis of art, are instructed. In Basic Art Education- Art Major; on the other hand, courses such as basic drawing education, basic art education and basic design.

Our aim is to increase the quality of education by contributing to training technically and practically equipped artists who are capable of evaluating the relationships between art and other disciplines, recognizing the underlying concepts and theories, forming his/her own manifestation in intellectual sense satisfyingly, following the advances in art both in Turkey and in the world and defining these theoretically, and who have higher interpretation and synthesizing skills as well.